Ettie’s subterranean bar

No one gets dressed up to go out anymore.

If you fancy a night out in your glad rags for a special occasion in an underground Jazz bar, we might just have the place for you.

Carl Windsor and James Kingston have taken the next step towards world domination. Or at least, a creative option for wining and dining in a very grownup Hobart.

They’re moving on up from the casual eating of Raincheck to European wine and tapas at the smart Willing Brothers to the cosmopolitan bistro Ettie’s. Ironically, they’ve now focused their attention on the downstairs cellar at 100 Elizabeth Street.

From the restaurant you descend to a discreet subterranean enclave.

A bar and intimate dining area sit within the 1830s sandstone footings of the former Hobart Hotel and stables.

The space is perfect for a fancy function and that’s the point.

If you’re looking for a venue for a small, private event, this may be the place for you.

Think dinner party and dress ups for 20- 30 guests with classic cocktails, hors d’Oeuvres and dinner styled in the fashion of Ettie’s.

It’s special occasion territory, big birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties etc.

Think dark and moody, there’s no natural light in this space, it’s an evenings-only vibe.

This Girl and The Lovely Deputy were fortunate enough to try it out at their opening and tried the oysters, salami (salchichon from La boqueria, NSW) and mortadella (Italian Pantry), the Americano and the Kir Royale with cherry syrup and maraschino liquor.

‘The space is for a fancy night out, but our venue is designed to bring the fun back into eating and drinking out, sometimes we think it can all get a bit too serious,” says Carl Windsor.

For more information visit their website- Ettie’s  or email them

Caution – no vertigo or faint hearts, able bodies only, access is via a steep spiral staircase.

Keep an eye out for their special dinners. They’re recently held their first and we assured there are more to come.

Here’s our post on Ettie’s.

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