The Black Footed Pig

From the ease of their online booking system, to their sleek interior, wall wine cellar and stunning bar area, The Black Footed Pig is modern elegance,

The only blip was the placement of the tables along the bench seat.  Even after moving the table over slightly The Other Girl was sitting on an angle most of the night to avoided the space between her cushion and the next.

On arrival the waiter took our drinks order, The Other Girl had the Springvale Chardonnay $13 and This Girl had an Elder Spritz a most beautiful looking and refreshing cocktail; Saint Germain, white port, cava and elderberry soda $21.  These were delivered with complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Similar to some other venues around Hobart at the moment, The Black Footed Pig offers a Chef’s Table where two or more guests share each plate.

We like the shared plate idea but decided to free range our own options. For anyone that knows The Other Girl – she makes her meal choices around what desserts are available, there were two we liked the look of, so we decided to go with two tapas plates, one racione and the two desserts.

We started with sesame prawns, harissa mayonnaise, soy, chilli & lime $16, six beautiful plump prawns, with a crisp light crumb like batter each sitting on the perfect amount of harissa mayonnaise beautifully complimented by the dipping sauce and a squeeze of lime.

Next was a salad of spiced cauliflower, green chilli & mint, tahini dressing $16, This was my favourite of the night, delicately spiced cauliflower and the tahini dressing gave the dish a beautiful nutty flavour.

Our main, or racione was braised duck, quince & almonds, freekah & barberry pilaf $27.50.  The duck was fall apart tender with crispy skin and the freekeh and barbery pilaf made it a hearty filling meal.

Desserts were ‘textures of chocolate’ normally made up of a bitter chocolate parfait, white chocolate and vanilla Chantilly, chocolate crumb, dark ganache, chocolate sauce, tempered chocolate and chocolate biscuit.  Sounds like a lot going on, and it was, but the textures and flavours were amazing.  On our visit the chocolate biscuit was replace by delicate pieces of chocolate brownie and our white component was a warm nougat.  Head chef Naser came over just after we’d finished this dessert asking how we were enjoying the food.  The Other Girl responded by saying the only disappointing thing was that she couldn’t lick the plate!

Onto our final dessert and The Other Girl declared that while the chocolate was good, this one was certainly the pick of desserts.  A beautiful poached pear, cooked in spices and red wine and served surrounded by a ginger custard and brown sugar streusel.  The crunchiness of the streusel with the smoothness of the custard was amazing and the custard had just the perfect amount of heat from the ginger.  We’re not sure if they used powdered ginger or steeped fresh ginger in the milk before making the custard, either was it was a beautiful way to end what was a magnificent dinner.

Owned and run by Naser and Cheryl Daci, who also have Daci & Daci Bakers just around the corner. Naser is the head chef and general manager and has a team of 3 other chefs in the kitchen and a passionate and talented team at the front of house.

Naser and Cheryl tell us they have some new desserts coming soon, we’re looking forward to trying them on our next visit.

The Black Footed Pig is housed in the building that was Dear Friends, a fine dining restaurant opened in 1985 by Geoff Copping, who sadly passed away in 2014.  The restaurant was on level 1 back then and what is now The Black Footed Pig was their bar and wine cellar.  They are certainly respecting the ghosts of restaurants past, silver service with a touch of casual and a whole lot of wow!


The Black Footed Pig is open from 6pm to 10pm Tuesday to Saturday and located at 8 Brooke Street, Hobart.

You can book online or phone them on 6224 2222

These guys are social media savy check out their website where you can find their menus, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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