Jack Greene

Jack Greene stands out among the hip wine bars on the Salamanca strip. They’ve nailed ambience. The design is all dark timber, dim lights and leather upholstery. There’s room outside if you want to enjoy the vibe on the street. Inside, the crowd perch at bar tables and listen to live music. There’s a more relaxed space above, as you climb the stairs you’ll find timber louvers obscure the view, piquing your curiosity and making for a more intimate space. It’s cozy and warm. There’s no doubt, it’s Hobart’s nicest watering hole during winter.

Jack Greene has proved to be a stayer. It was one of the first movers on craft beer in Hobart. This Girl doesn’t know much about that but I know they have a nice wine list and they make a mean cocktail.

What we ate:

  • Greek lamb burger, $18, Tasmanian lamb, lettuce, tomato, mint yoghurt, Spanish onion, halloumi cheese, garlic aioli, basil & eggplant relish
  • southern fried chicken burger, $16,Tasmanian free range battered chicken tenderloins, crunchy slaw, streaky bacon, cheddar cheese & sriracha mayonnaise
  • chips, small, $5 plus extra for aioli or sauce
  • apple crumble ice cream sundae, $10.

The lamb burger included all the hallmarks of a Greek-inspired dish – yoghurt, halloumi, eggplant. These ingredients work well together and it feels like you are eating an entire meal in a bun – there’s delicious lamb along with cheese, salad and condiments.

I was expecting something with a little more punch when it came to my chicken burger. A little crispier and a little spicier.

We chose a small bowl of chips, which were thick-cut and fluffy inside. It was more than enough with the burgers.

I’ve seen both bigger and smaller burgers in this town. The burgers at Jack Greene are somewhere in between. Each burger was well adorned and there are a page of additions you can add to your burger if you’re happy to pay a little more. This Girl considered avocado but I balk at a $3 vegetable side. It’s the principle of the matter.

Also for noting is they do a range of mini burgers which are a fantastic idea if you’re not so hungry or can’t decide. They’re sold individually or as a plate of three. This is a great way to explore the menu.

The sundae is exactly what you imagine, in the traditional school of American sundaes, aerated cream, vanilla ice cream and maraschino cherry. This one was boy/girl-next-door apple pie-like with crumble and apple pieces.

A lot of places are making great burgers in Hobart. It wouldn’t be my first choice again but you won’t be disappointed if you’re out for a couple of drinks and you need something to line the tummy. The service on our visit was very good too.

Jack Greene is in the Hobart Entertainment Book and you get 25% off the bill.

They have a web page – Jack Greene

You’ll find them at 49 Salamanca Place and of course, on Facebook.

Make a reservation, particularly if you want the writer’s desk that looks out over Salamanca. Call them on 6224 9655. The online booking system is also very efficient.


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