The Good Life

Our first year on #Blissfarm is fast approaching and This Girl is thinking about five things that I love about our #countrylife.

1. Honest work
Sometimes it feels like the Lovely Deputy is always toiling in the yard and I’m always hold up in the kitchen cooking with our produce. Bread, cake, sauerkraut, preserved fruit, slow cooked meat, soups, sauces and jams. I’d like to get outside more but mostly I feel like I’m making a contribution. Respecting and making the most of our produce. It’s honest work.

2. All creatures great and small
A part from a budgie, a goldfish and a couple of cats I got Toxoplasmosis from as a kid, I’ve never had animals. Being surrounded by so much life, is one of the things I enjoy most about the farm. Every couple of months the chick nursery is in the house with babies chirping and taking micro-naps. The guinea pigs hear us walking around and let us know they’re hungry with a ‘wheet wheet’. Feeding the quail and stroking their delicate backs. Calling out good morning to Rosie and the new calf, Teddy. Giving Cuddles, the sheep, a scratch under the chin. Taking up scraps to the chickens surrounding the orchard gate in anticipation. I still have warm feelings about the squidgy midgy, jumping, goat kids we had to find another home for and I miss them. From the big animals to the small birds, having them to care for has made my heart full.

Tip: The Good Life was a British comedy in the mid-late seventies about a middle class couple who after a mid-life crisis quit city life for the simple life and sustainability.

3. Being at home
I’ve never wanted to be at home as much as I do at #Blissfarm. The absolute best weekends are those where I don’t have to leave the property. A lot of this has to do with the Lovely Deputy but it’s also because we’re both so content here, we just want to be hanging out at our home in the country.

4. The quiet
After a full day working on #Blissfarm, we pour a drink, grab a seat, and look out across the paddocks to the bush on the other side of the valley. Sometimes we light a fire outside. It’s so peaceful and calm and we take in the quiet.

5. Towards sustainability
We’re a long way from living off the grid but there are many things we’re doing to be more sustainable. We’re making more effort to waste-less and use more. Except when it comes to power, then it’s use-less. The absence of a Council garbage collection has spurred us on. Cotton wool balls and makeup wipes are a thing of the past. I’ve made reusable wipes from flannelette and terry toweling. More goes to the chickens and into the compost. The hot water tariff is on off-peak. We’ve installed a more efficient oven. We preserve and freeze as much of our fruit and vegetables as we can manage. We’ve grown most of this year’s meat. The coffee grinds go on the slugs. The egg shells get crushed up for chicken grit. The cow manure goes on the garden. It feels good to be doing a little more.

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