Marcello’s Restaurant

Three things that are acceptable on a Friday night: Booze, Hungry Jacks and pizza. In that order.

I’m not adverse to cooking at home on a Friday night but you don’t want to do it all the time do you?

Then there’s the Entertainment Book. It always pays for itself. This was a couple of weeks ago, so I had a little more time left to use the 2016/17 edition which strangely finishes at the end of June not July, and I had next year’s version ready to burn. I’m hell bent of redeeming those vouchers.

The Lovely Deputy is partial to a pizza and I figured I could convince him to stop in town for a Friday night feed before we slipped into something more comfortable and hit the couch.

This Girl has walked past Marcello’s and wondered what lay within. For a million years it was La Suprema Italian restaurant. It’s still Italian but it’s gone all modern with black and red graphics.
On the south side of the city, it’s on the way out of town. We called in.

Marcello’s is back in the hands of the original La Suprema owners of around 30 years, after a short-lived alternative arrangement.

It has a good menu of pizza options – all the things you’d expect and a range of gourmet options. There’s a few salads and a parmigiana on offer.

We choose medium sized pizzas – the Etna with hot salami, mushroom, chilli and bacon, and the chicken Peri Peri, with spinach, capsicum and garlic aioli, and washed them down with a couple of glasses of the chardonnay.

They’re nice pizzas –base of medium thickness, solid covering of toppings, not greasy, tasty, good value – particularly with the Entertainment Book discount.

Marcello’s has lost some of the lustre of the former La Suprema which was often pumping.

For a restaurant, Marcello’s is more a takeaway. It was obvious from the constant volley of pizza boxes leaving the place and the restaurant is in need of a little attention to detail.

This is an opportunistic spot. If you’re passing, there’s parking nearby and you won’t wait long, grab yourself a tasty pizza to go. If you’re a local, they deliver and you can order online.

Find Marcellos Restaurant at 255 Liverpool Street Hobart.

Their webpage has their menu – Marcello’s.

Do you know about the Entertainment Book? Make a contribution to charity and get a wad of discounts too.

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