Aki Modern Japanese Restaurant

The Japanese cuisine is a beauty to behold with its attention to detail and ingredients in accord.

In the world of Michelin Stars, Japan is up there. Several cities have numerous star-rated restaurants.

I once spent not enough time eating in Japan. In two weeks we covered off Tokyo’s Park Hyatt, three Michelin Star restaurants in Kyoto and discovered Osaka’s okonomiyaki pancake. There might have been a McDonalds on route but that was only to experience the cultural variations. Even Japanese street food, like the ubiquitous sushi roll, is an experience to delight the senses.

Hobart has a good supply of Japanese restaurants and takeaways. The Two Girls decided to give one a try that we hadn’t been to before.

Aki Modern restaurant has been in Battery Point for a year. You might remember the Spanish restaurant Francisco’s? We had many a group dinner there, practising both conversation and consumption. Aki Modern’s layout is exactly the same only with less toros and more saki.

In the interests of trying a number of plates we got some advice and then added in a piece of sushi each for posterity. This is what we ate:

  • Tuna tataki, $13.50
  • Okonomiyaki, $19.50
  • Hiyayakko, $5.50
  • Vegetarian gyoza, $7.50 , 6 pieces
  • Inari with spicy tuna, $4 per piece.

We had a couple of glasses of Moores Hill Pinot Gris for a very reasonable $8.50 per glass.

The pick of the dishes was the inari, a beautiful sack of sushi rice topped with delicious tuna that had a lovely warmth.

Tuna tataki is a lightly seared fish. In This Girl’s view, the searing didn’t add much to the dish and I would choose the sashimi next time.

Aki Modern’s Okonomiyaki is a pancake loaded with seafood delights that might include prawn, tilapia, salmon, kingfish, tuna, crab and scallop.

The slightly under-cooked pastry distracted from the contents of our vegetable gyoza.

The hiyayakko is a thick cut of tofu dressed in soy, nori and green onions. In the interest of blogging, it’s not often we don’t finish a dish but this was served directly from the fridge, cold and uninspired.

Bonito flakes reign supreme and decorate each dish.

We chose the restaurant because it was in the Entertainment Book and we were on the hunt for something under the radar. By the time we’d finished the restaurant had gone from just us to filling up. It looked very popular with each table a group of four or more people. The hosts on our night were young and charming and an absolute pleasure.

Our experience was a little mixed. We probably wouldn’t make a beeline there but if fate had us seated at Aki Modern again, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world and hopefully, we’d know how to make better selections.

They’re located at 60 Hampden Road, Battery Point.

Make a reservation on 03 6288 7019.

Find them on Facebook – Aki Modern Japanese Restaurant 

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