Luma Pizza Bar

It’s not what you expect to find in a huge shopping complex, but there it is, a trendy woodfired pizza joint right in the heart of it all.  Luma Pizza Bar fits in perfectly and has embraced the industrial feel of Cambridge Park.  It has lots of style and matched with plenty of substance too!


Their woodfired pizzas are some of the best This Girl has had, thin bases with the perfectly pulled crust and just the right amount of toppings.  They aren’t greasy and dripping with cheese, they add some freshness by dressing them with toppings such as herbs and cheese after cooking.

This Girl met up with Caring and Too Cool for a girly catch up.  It had been a long week at work so immediately I was drawn to their cocktail menu and chose a prosecco mojito $18; the ladies kept it tidy and just went with soft drink!

We decided to share three pizzas and I was entrusted with the choices, oh the pressure! oh the control!

We started with their garlic pizza; wild oregano, crushed garlic and reggiano $11.  Simply delicious, just the right amount of garlic and beautifully melted cheese.

The pizza’s come out quickly and on beautiful stoneware pizza plates, a refreshing change to those metal pizza plates!

Next we had the ‘Sam Pan’; tomato, mozzarella, pineapple, free range ham, oregano, parsley and chilli $20.  The chilli was scattered on after cooking, along with the oregano and parsley, making it easy to remove for those who are not chilli fans. Named after Sam Panopoulous the creator of the Hawaiian pizza who passed away recently, 9 June, at the age of 83.  Pineapple on pizza? Oh the controversy; it can divide a nation, has caused Twitter debates and had even the closest of friends (The Other Girl) crying out ‘who are you?’ This Girl, Caring and Too Cool are all #teampineapple!

Lastly ‘Tony Pepperoni’; tomato, mozzarella, sliced pepperoni, shaved asiago and basil $18.  Be warned Tony is spicy, which This Girl loves but it was a little too spicy for Too Cool, who happily swapped a piece for the Sam Pan.  I loved the crispiness of the edges of the pepperoni, the heat was an added bonus and this was my favourite pizza.

This Girl is really keen to try their Mushroom; parlsey and garlic, mixed mushrooms, tallegio, thyme, after oven walnuts, Reggiano, rocket and truffle oil $19 and their Chicken Little; Mexican cheese, smoked chicken, free range bacon, capsicum ketchup, pickled watermelon and coriander $20.

Luma’s set out is really eye catching and we especially loved the long concrete communal table in the centre. These pizzas are a great after work option for people in the area, Luma’s has free bar snacks and $1 Barilla Bay oysters every Thursday night from 4pm to 6pm!

They’ve had few live music events too so keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events.

Their menu can be found on their webpage  and you can order takeaway to pick up online

Luma is at 22/66 Kennedy Drive, Cambridge – in the Cambridge Park shopping centre and are open Wednesday to Sunday 12 noon to ‘late’.


It’s been ages since This Girl has eaten out with Caring and Too Cool; it was at Belles, another eastern shore stand out.

It’s great to see options increasing for the eastern shore and extended suburbs folk, check out another recent addition Spencer’s

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