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The whole point of a music bar is the music. Breaking with common sense, I booked Boozy Friday Lunch Friend at the revamped Music Bar, formerly the Mill on Morrison, formerly Rockerfellers, perhaps something in between, at a time when when there was no music scheduled at the…um…Music Bar.

Think of food as the support act. It doesn’t really matter if you miss it but sometimes you can discover a pretty good act you didn’t know about.

There’s regular seating and bar tables, photos of old rockers on the walls and they’ve refurbished so there are toilets inside the bar now, not just the at the end of the outside atrium 200 metres away.

They do a special $15 lunch meal with a schnitzel or tacos and a 10 ounce tap beer or glass of house wine. Boozy had that option off the agenda before I even walked in the door. We went for tapas style plates and shared a dessert. Even with the number of changes in this location over the years, tapas has been a mainstay. We chose:

  • Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce, $12
  • Huon mushrooms in a rich balsamic sauce with parmesan, $14
  • Jerk chicken tacos with chimichurri, cabbage, salsa (2), $14
  • Mushroom tacos with crispy avocado, cabbage, salsa and aioli (2), $14
  • duo of lemon curd and chocolate tarts, vanilla ice cream, $12.

A causal observation of the handful of luncheon guests on our visit was they were there for the lunch special. It’s easy to spend a lot of dosh on the midday meal so a deal is popular.

The pick of our plates was the Jerk chicken with its spicy warmth. We searched high and low for crispy avocado – the elusive ingredient that inspired our choice, and for seasoning in the meatballs. Boozy gave the mushies the thumbs up and would have enjoyed them even more  if the parmesan had been less decorative and more structural.

Tip – fry up your sausage meat to test your seasoning before you serve up your meal.

Dessert involved filled perfect pre-made cases filled with ganache and curd. It was a hard pill to swallow the night before I did a massive lemon tart pastry fail on the dessert I was meant to be delivering to a friend’s 50th that night. Sob.

You’d take these dishes home to meet your ma, the plating up was all very neat and presentable.

You can visit the Music Bar on their Facebook page and get a taste for some of their musical offerings. Later the night we were there they had a three gig line up, 5 pm , 7 pm and 9 pm. The following Saturday, music was scheduled to start at 11am with three sets to follow though to late in the evening. Sunday had 11.30 am and 3 pm sets planned. That sort of line up is impressive. That’s a lot of live music encouraging you to bunker down, relax and enjoy the vibe. Add in various forms of happy hour and the Music Bar is a good option for a chillaxing time and while you’re there, you can fill you tummy with a few decent options.

Find them at 11 Morrison Street, Hobart.

They’re on Facebook  – The Music Bar and they’ve got a web presence too.


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