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Where can a gal get a drink around here? As luck may have it, just a hop, skip and jump away since This Girl works in Liverpool Street.

The long awaited Standard Drinks has thrown open its doors.

Standard Drinks is everything you like about The Standard and more because you can have a beer with your burger and eat indoors. I know, I’m so old right?


Takeaway will continue to operate down the alleyway but now you can dine in and enjoy the full burger menu along with fried chicken, American pies and other goodies. Collaborators Sam Chung, Christian Ryan and Will Priestly have done it again.

Tip: American pies are dessert. On our visit the choices were apple or chocolate but Christian promised lemon meringue would appear in due course. This Girl’s favourite!

The Standard prides itself on making the quintessential American burger. The Two Girls take on their take is that the patty is thinner – if you want extra meat order a double patty. The burgers generally include cheese, choose cheddar or something sharper like a blue. Bacon fans won’t be disappointed and there are caramelised onions; pickles; and condiments – mustard, mayo, hot sauce and the like.

At Tuesday night’s soft opening of Standard Drinks, The Two Girls sampled the southern fried cauliflower with hot sauce and a couple of glasses of the sparkling they had on offer, the Spring Seed Wine Co’s Gypsy Blanc de Blanc.

Christian told us that the Standard double coats their fried chicken and cauliflower which makes for a robust covering of batter and seasoning. It’s the real deal. The cauliflower inside was literally melt in the mouth. You could be fooled into believing that it’s not even a vegetable.

The Gypsy was a little sweeter and not as yeasty as most Blanc to Blancs which made this version an eminently quaffable drop. Chey, on bar duties, told us to expect cocktail shakers galore in coming days – the cocktail menu with at least 10 shots is due out next week.

The décor is pinball and palm trees; an American aesthetic for hipster Hobartians. The foyer’s ceiling is full of lantern light fittings – a flashback to the American diner look. There are neon lights of American beer ads and the ceiling of the bar is papered in movie posters. We sat under ET and Ghost Busters. Sigh, it was like being 15 again but we could drink with impunity. Original faux timber cladding lines the walls. When I was a kid, I remember my parents proudly using it in their kitchen makeover.

As Mr Say Cheese observed while we all stood at the bar, the boys have done a good job creating an eighties-style design given they were barely alive then.

For a small drinking establishment, it’s got a big buzz. It promises lots of fun times ahead with friends and colleagues, particularly since the doors open at beer o’clock. The 4 pm opening is also an opportunity for folk who have somewhere to be later. Standard Drinks offers a decent feed before an early movie or other event.

Everything is affordable, fries start at $4, burgers from $9, and dessert from $12. Our cauliflower was $12. Order at the bar, take you ticket and wait for your number to flash on the neon sign above the bar.

From little things, big things grow. The story of Standard Drinks completes the circle for these three guys. Will told us that the collaboration has been the platform for each of them to realise a dream. Will has created a great café and coffee experience with Pilgrim and with partner Chelsea Löwik, Bright Eyes and Queens Pastry. Christian went on from Property of Pilgrim to fine dining at the acclaimed Aloft Restaurant, and Sam, ex-The Source restaurant, always wanted an all-American burger joint.

It also explains the wait, these guys have been busy. The Two Girls reckon there’s probably more to come too.

Standard Drinks is officially open from Thursday, 7 July 2017, 4 pm until 11 pm.
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Find Standard Drinks at 54 Liverpool Street, Hobart, right next door to Property of Pilgrim café.
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