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Where’s the best place to get seafood in Hobart? You’ve probably been asked by a tourist or you might have asked the question yourself. Prossers was often bandied around. It’s selling point was the view across the Derwent and longevity but it closed recently. There’s often a scratching of heads. When did we collectively forget the Upper Deck?

Mures have played a major role in the Tasmanian seafood and restaurant scene for over 40 years. In 1973, Jill and George Mure opened the original Mures Fish House in Battery Point, Hobart. We’re told that when they struggled to source quality, fresh seafood, George went fishing. Nowadays Mures Tasmania incorporates three restaurants on Victoria Dock,  two Fishmongers, a 23 metre longline fishing vessel and a processing factory. They are the Hobart seafood establishment.

I haven’t been to the Upper Deck in years but I have fond memories of sunshine and delicious cocktails. It’s good to know your demographic and I’d position the Upper Deck in the older/middle-upper class/tourist set. Not that I am any of those things of course (clears throat). In a constantly evolving food scene, the Upper Deck hasn’t made any seismic changes. You’re unlikely to find sous vide and foam on this menu.

They offer quality seafood in a more traditional style. The lighting isn’t on a dimmer so you can read the menu (I don’t like the image of myself squinting at a menu and I’m not so old I need to use the torch on my phone yet). There’s been some refurbishments done over the years but the giant fish sculptures still hang over head and the timber panelling remain a feature.

Boozy Friday Friend and I went to lunch. He elected a large meal from the a la carte menu, the West Coast Ocean trout, a grilled fillet with shaved fennel, asparagus and Swiss chard, butternut pumpkin and roasted red pepper puree, orange and saffron beurre blanc, $39.95.

I chose from the lunch specials which are more modest but perfectly appropriate for a midday meal and had the wild fish and chips, $25, with almond and sesame crumb, on our waiter’s suggestion. We shared a side of asparagus tossed with goat’s curd and roasted hazelnuts, $9. We drank the Musselroe Bay Pinot Gris.

Boozy had the Tasmanian pear poached in vanilla and cinnamon with fig and pistachio mascarpone and praline, $16 and I went big on chocolate with the Hellyers Road Whiskey chocolate fudge cake served with couverture sauce and Chantilly cream, $17.

The service was friendly and very professional. As my memory served me, the space is full of light. Having such a beautiful outlook across Victoria Dock is a key to what makes it easy to feel relaxed in this spacious restaurant. The meals were all perfectly enjoyable. Don’t expect experimental cuisine and you won’t be disappointed. Expect old school meals with classic pairings and you’re likely to be pleased indeed. Put simply, it’s an enjoyable seafood meal in a great location.

Lunch specials are served Monday to Friday.

As testament to their longevity, this year Mures celebrates “30 Years on the Docks”; the completion and opening of the Mures Fish Centre on Victoria Dock in 1987.’

If you fancy some enjoyable seafood and if you have visitors in tow, it’s worth a visit.

Find the Upper Deck at Mures on Victoria Dock. Call them on +61 (0)3 6231 1999

Upper Deck

Boozy is also a big fan of the restaurant downstairs, here’s our post on Pearl and Co.

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