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Drive down a scenic Tasmanian country road and amongst other things, you’re likely to find a welcoming smile, warm fire and a cooking class.
Cooking classes are places to learn, meet people and eat and for my birthday present to myself, This Girl booked into a mini class at Farmhouse Kitchen in Wattle Grove, just outside of Cygnet.

I was there for the cannoli and chiacchiere mini class, since I’d never tried cannoli before I thought it was the perfect one to start with, it was my birthday after all!

I was met by Giuliana White and one of her daughter’s Genevieve, who were wonderful hosts. A welcoming cup of tea on arrival, chatter about the Farmhouse and how finally, after 17 years Giuliana’s dream of opening a cooking school came to life when her beautiful kitchen was complete. The classes are a mix of demonstration and hands on but there is no pressure, if you would rather watch, that’s ok too.

Giuliana is a natural cook, watching her bring together the dough for the cannoli was great for learning technique, she made it look easy, giving me confidence to try it myself. Giuliana showed us how to cook from recipes that have been in her family for generations. During the class, there was no paper in sight, these recipes are committed to her memory. Fortunately, she provided us with recipes at the end of the day.

It felt like a privilege to be made custodians of recipes for a lemon custard filling and two different ricotta filling recipes, lemon and chocolate. Some recipes Giuliana wouldn’t share however and one of those is the coffee ricotta filling for cannoli, this recipe is a family secret. The wonderful thing about cannoli pasta dough is that it is also the same dough used to make chiacchiere, the beautiful twisted fried Italian biscuit and Giuliana taught us how to get that classic shape and twist.

Once we’d made all the cannoli and chiacchiere Genevieve made us espresso and we sat down to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Keeping the classes small, 10 maximum for the mini classes and 6 for the masterclasses, ensures that everyone can sit at their dining table family style to enjoy the products of the day.

Our class went a little longer than anticipated, but you are advised when you book that the classes may go over time. Giuliana has so much knowledge to give and stories to tell, it is worth the time over. At just $75 for the mini class it was really well priced. I’m looking forward to exploring more of Giuliana’s classes and think the La Festa Italiana masterclass at $255 will be next on my agenda!

You can see their list of classes and details on how to book on their website, they’re also on Facebook.

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