Coterie and Co

A sneaky little laneway is a fun place to find a delicious meal and a little cosmopolitan buzz.

Making the most of space has been a preoccupation of big cities and Hobart’s growing sophistication is following suit.

There’s a lovely little café that sits at the end of the modest link between Bathurst and Liverpool Street. It might be how you get to your gym or the Vodaphone carpark but perhaps it could be where you grab a takeaway or sit down for a treat.

Coterie and Co is literally on the street where I work but apart from an occasional biscuit break, I haven’t been in since The Two Girls first visited.

You can fall of the radar when you’re out of direct vision but it’s worth noting that being tucked away has its advantages.

While there are people coming and going, there’s something about the location that provides a little protection from the hustle and bustle that comes with street frontage.

There’s space to sit or perch inside and there’s also an outdoor area replete with umbrellas and gas heaters.

The menu is breakfast until 3 pm and a selection of casual eating options for lunch – burgers and sandwiches mostly.

The Two Girls had breakfast at breakfast time (rather than the all-day variety) there recently. On our visit there was a breakfast burger special – a regular coffee with the breakfast burger.

Ten dollars for a brioche roll, free-range bacon, lovely soft set scrambled egg and relish, $10. Pay a little more if you want a large coffee or if you opt for a side like This Girl did with avocado kindly added to my burger.

The Other Girl chose from the specials menu and had the zucchini fritters, $18, with grilled haloumi, avocado, spinach, mint and chose a side of a poached egg. (Note sides are extra).

Both meals were delicious options and we were both impressed by the fritters which were a substantial feed, like thick pikelets, which held their shape and were not greasy.

On our visit, the wait staff were happy in their work, enjoying the music playing and generally making the space relaxed and friendly.

This Girl won’t wait so long to return for breakfast although next time I’ll save my second coffee to my preferred barista.

They open early. We arrived at 7.30 ish (The Other Girl was uncharacteristically there on time) and we were easily paid and out of there by 8.30.

Find Coterie and Co in the Vodaphone Laneway on 59/61 Liverpool Street.

Read our first visit in their early days – Coterie and Co.

Here they are on Facebook – Coterie and Co.

Their menu is on their webpage too – Coterie and Co.

Here’s an excellent coffee location across the road – Artizan.

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