Cascade on Collins Re-visited 

Cascade on Collins has re-vamped their menu, making it a perfect little oasis in the city to escape with a drink while also enjoying their new menu.

This Girl went back as part of a work lunch bidding one team member goodbye and welcoming two new.

The space at Cascade on Collins has been renovated beautifully, we loved that last time, a beautiful sandstone building standing strong proudly owning its heritage and inviting you to enter.


The menu is split into snacks; share plates; larger and sweets.

This Girl chose two share plates; The Jaffle; smoked trout, spinach and béchamel sauce $14 and Pumpkin arancini with burnt orange mayo $11. The jaffle was the stand out for me on flavour but lacked in presentation and value for money.  $14 jaffles should be bursting with fillings. The crispy bits of kale and the mayo really added a pop of flavour to the arancini.

What the others ate:


Steak fries, house spice, aioli $7, we were expecting thick cut fries but were presented with regular fries, however, the house spice and aioli totally made these fries worth ordering again!

Chicken and parmesan meatballs, tomato sugo, pannagratatto, $11.  The meatballs were tender and juicy, you really need to eat them with a good amount the sauce and grated cheese to get the full taste sensation.

Pulled pork sliders; slaw, house bbq sauce $14.  This was the best value of the shared plates, three brioche bun sliders filled with tender pork, slaw and their bbq sauce. You’re going to need your napkin for this one!

Roast cauliflower salad, pickled currants, smoked almonds, baby spinach and cauliflower puree $16, this presented as a large hearty salad and I’m told the cauliflower puree was a highlight of the dish.

Buttermilk fried chicken burger; swiss cheese, cabbage slaw, chipotle mayo with fries $19.  This was a decent sized burger that looked delicious.  The chipotle mayo added a nice little spice hit that wouldn’t offend those that don’t like too much heat.

Steak, eggs and chips; 200g Cape Grim porterhouse steak, fried free-range eggs, thick cut chips and red wine jus $25.  This was a hearty meal, perfectly satisfying for the meat-loving new kid on the block.

Cascade on Collins is part of the RACT/RACV Apartment Hotel  at 154 Collins Street and are open 7 days from 11:30am till late.


Here’s our previous review on Cascade on Collins.  Some of our other favourite city lunch destinations Danphe Nepalese, Dandy Lane, Pop Cafe

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