Cinnamon Indian Gourmet

Silver service isn’t something you generally associate with Indian restaurants but then you don’t normally find Indian restaurants in a luxury boutique hotel either!

Cinnamon Indian Gourmet at MACq1 is far from your everyday Indian restaurant; a welcoming lounge area fills the centre of the space, crisp white linen tablecloths, elegant table settings, chandeliers, artwork adorning the walls brought over from India and we had a beautiful view from out table of our stunning kunanyi sitting proudly above the city.

Indian food is perfect for communal eating so the Two Girls invited Handsome Hombre and Gatecrasher to join us.

The drinks menu at Cinnamon was a happy surprise, a large selection of wine by the glass or bottle, spirits and beers. We opted for a reasonably priced New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. We were tempted by their selection of cocktails but it was a school night!

Palakpapdi kebab

Cinnamon’s menu is split into sections, a great way of making a large menu look less daunting. You can choose from entrees; vegetarian; mains; Indian gourmet; South Indian specialities; rice and breads; sides and salads and desserts.

What we ate:

  • Palakpapdi kebab; sautéed vegetables and spinach croquets rolled in pappadam crumbs and deep fried, $9.50
  • Onion bhaji; onion balls bound together with lightly spiced and fragrant chickpea flour batter, $7.90
  • Paneer Tikka; fresh cottage cheese marinated with cardamom seeds, cumin and seasoned with garam masala dry roasted in the tandoor oven, $11.50
  • Mysore chilli; diced spiced chicken with crushed ginger, garlic, green chillies and mildly flavoured with curry leaves, $21.90
  • Bihari dum gosht; goat meat marinated with yoghurt and special spices, $20.90
  • Salmon fish curry; salmon simmered in tomato, five spice and flavoured with chilli, $23.90
  • Lemon rice; flavoured with lemon zest and mild spices, $7.50
  • Coconut rice; tossed with coconut shavings and coriander, $7.50
  • Saffron rice; aromatised with saffron and cumin, $3.90
  • Peshawari naan; dried fruit and nuts $5.50 and cheese and spinach $5.50
  • Keeman naan; filled with seasoned lamb mince $5.50
  • Raita $4.90 and mango chutney $3.50

The plating was beautiful, they’ve stepped away from the traditional and serve on a modern selection of plates and bowls, giving you a feast for the eyes as well.


We paid a little more for the croquets so that we got one each, normally a serving of three. These were crispy on the outside and full of flavour in the centre.  The onion bhaji was formed into a neat patty, unlike the bhaji you get from a normal Indian restaurant. The Other Girl preferred this gourmet take on them. The Paneer Tikka was one of the standout dishes, compressed cheese with that distinctive tandoor colour and flavours.

All the curries were magnificent, although the goat was a clear favourite for everyone, beautiful tender meat and perfectly spiced.  The salmon curry had a beautiful subtle flavour that really complimented the fish, however we all agreed the least value with just one small piece of salmon for each of us.

The dried fruit and nuts peshawari naan, which is The Other Girl’s favourite, was a wonderful mix of Indian spices and tastes of Christmas, This Girl is now also a fan.

The rices were visually stunning, each distinctly different in their look and flavour.  They were like bowls of edible confetti, just beautiful.

Handsome and Gatecrasher also opted for dessert. Handsome chose the gulab jamun; round sweet dumplings immersed in sweet syrup $7.90

Gatecrasher chose pistachio kulfi; indian icecream $8.90. It’s made from evaporated milk and isn’t churned so has a deliberate slightly icy texture.


The dining experience at Cinnamon was delightful, service was professions and attentive and the food was some of the best Indian we’ve had.


You can view their menu and book online via their website and they have a Facebook page.  They are at 18 Hunter Street, in the MACq1 building.

MACq1 opened this year and the Two Girls have already dined at two of their other restaurants, here are our blogs on The Old Wharf and Frogmore Creek City

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