The Page and Cup

The Page and Cup is a shop in Hobart designed to intrigue, delight and invite exploration for the mind, body and spirit.


The Two Girls were invited along by Lynn aka Mumma Bear to explore this new addition to the Midtown strip.


Mumma Bear also said she could book us in for a reading if we were interested.  The Other Girl decided to bow out and while This Girl is not a sceptic, I must admit I’m a little cautious with the mystic arts, so decided to call on Cute and Caring and Too Cool, they were quick to jump at the chance. While Cool Jr is a little sceptical, she also came along to check things out.


While the ladies were having their individual readings Honni showed me around the store.

 The Page and Cup is a bright welcoming space, I think I was expecting it to be small and dark, I suspect I’ve been watching way too many Hollywood movies!


The Page and Cup is not just about the mystical, there are new and reclaimed treasures, essential oils, jewellery and a large range of teas.  Honni gave us a sample of their Pina Colada fruit tea which she’d made into an iced tea, it was refreshing and had that distinctive Pina Colada flavour. There are so many to choose from but This Girl decided on the Body Cleanse Tea (calendula, dandelion leaf, figwort, nettle, red clover, spearmint and lemon balm) made by Highland Herbs Tasmania; with absolutely no caffeine I find it a perfect evening blend. 


This Girl was particularly drawn to the steampunk candle boxes and sculptures with moveable parts.  The bookcase is filled with tarot and reading decks, along with dream dictionaries, journals, books on palm reading and all things mystical. There are also a few Aboriginal Dreamtime reading decks. The artwork of Emillie Llewellyn Simons features in Page and Cup and is available to purchase. Emillie is from the States but has settled recently in Tassie.


The Page and Cup ran a series of workshops in 2017 and have just released details of their second set.  You can choose specific ones for $25 each or do all six for $100.  If you’re interested in practicing reading with others they have a couple of Card Reading Practice Circles scheduled.  They are also holding free Children’s Story Time during the school holidays where Mamma Bear reads fun interactive teaching stories from around the world.


Check out their Facebook page for more details on all their sessions.

 The readings are done privately upstairs in two dedicated spaces.  One small room that is used for readings and healings, such as Reiki, and a larger room that is set up for readings and this is where they also do their workshops. 

 For those that don’t know what a reading is Mumma Bear explains it as; ”the general term to describe working with someone who is able to use their intuition, empathy and other gifts to provide information and guidance to the person being read. All current readers at The Page and Cup use a form of cards, however readers can use palm, tea leaves, coffee grounds or pendulums.’’


Lynn set up The Page and Cup after travelling Australia and noticed a lot of tiny towns had spaces for readings, something no-one was offering in Hobart on a permanent basis.

So how did Caring and Cool go with their readings?  They both said that Mumma Bear picked up on things they were facing and struggling with in life currently and gave them strategies to move forward.  

The Page and Cup is at 204 Elizabeth Street and is open 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Friday and 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.  Give them a call on  6234 2965 if you’d like to make booking for a reading or healing.  To find out more about their sessions, check out their Facebook page.


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