Living Loving Launceston – A Night at Festivale

Tassie’s great North-South divide extends to rivalry between Tasmania’s two major food festivals. The Taste is better. No Festivale is better. But the Taste is free. Yeah but Festivale has more music etc etc etc.

In an effort to bridge the chasm and bring about peace in our times, This Girl headed north to Launceston’s February food and drinks celebration – Festivale – on Friday night.

I would have come earlier but for years the event clashed with other engagements. In the end, truth be told, I didn’t like feeling I was missing out on something.

I like to embrace an abundance mentality. The more food festivals, the better and Festivale is a unique offering.

First things first. John and Belinda, you were right.

Now, back to business. If you don’t live in Launceston or have never been, here’s three reasons why it’s worth going to Festivale.

Location, Location, Location
Festivale is based in Launceston’s City Park, a leafy, green harbour on the edge of the central business district. On a normal day it’s place of respite. It imbues relaxation, perfect for sitting around eating and drinking with friends. The food and drink stalls meander along the pathway which helps break up congestion. It’s really close to everything and was an easy walk for us to and from our accommodation.

Chilled Vibe
It was a very relaxed event. Everyone seemed in great spirits. I didn’t experience a queue. There was none of the tension that comes with waiting/being hungry/the panic that strikes when you imagine you’ll never get fed. Add to that, there’s lots of seating and there’s plenty of room to throw down a blanket or plant a picnic chair, which makes it a very comfortable space. The music seemed continuous. There were two stages with performances going the majority of the time. Remarkably, the stages were on either side of the conservatory and they easily created two distinct options. Along with some terrific local acts we saw Clare Bowditch.

Good Value
Food prices seemed very reasonable. Tasting plates were a major feature and a great way to try a number of things. There were a lot of plates for around $8 which makes it affordable to try a few things and with the great music, it evens out the entry fee if that’s a concern.

This Girl had a great time and commend Festivale as a great offering to foodies near and far. If you’re not from the north, you’ll be able to try some of the produce that doesn’t travel south. Which I guess is the fourth reason Festivale is terrific.

If you can’t get there tonight, Festivale is open tomorrow from 10 am – 4 pm. Alternatively, book accommodation for next year ASAP.

Here’s the official website – Festivale

Here’s a great restaurant around the corner – Novaro’s

Wait…there will be more on our Northern adventures real soon!

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