Kalbi Korean

Kalbi Korean eatery is a delight. In a world of dining with escalating expectations and bills, it’s comforting to know you can still find reasonably priced, good food with smart service and BYO.
Sigh. Isn’t BYO terrific?

This Girl and the Other Girl had a play date and decided on Korean. We didn’t book. That was a close call.

Kalbi is pumping but fortunately it has a high turnover; service is fast and food appears almost as quickly. It’s a casual setting, staff are super friendly and accommodating, and the food is delicious.

We can see why they’ve become so popular since opening in August 2017.

On the menu you’ll find small plates, $7-12; ssam dishes (lettuce wraps) for $19.50; rice dishes, $15-17; and bi bim bap (traditional Korean rice bowl with a runny egg and your choice of protein), $16.50.

Tip – Kalbi is a dish of Korean grilled short ribs.

What we ate:

Kimchi arancini, $10, panko crusted rice balls with kimchi, ground pork and cheese (4 pieces). A nice piece of fusion which was rocking the crunchy coating courtesy of those panko crumbs.

Seafood pa jeon, $12, calamari, prawns, green onion Korean pancake. If you’re not familiar with the Korean pancake, think the buttery layers of a croissant and apply that to a crisp pastry accompanied by soy or a similar dipping sauce. It’s Korean comfort food to the max. The seafood variety stands by itself as a meal and the basic version is a great snack or an accompaniment to traditional plates like bulgogi. Kalbi’s version was one of the best we’ve tried in Hobart, super crispy on the outside and soft and full of flavour on the inside.

Ssam with mushroom bulgogi, $19.50, seasonal mushrooms, bean sprouts and soy marinade, served with iceberg leaves, kimchi and fermented chilli and bean paste so you can construct your own lettuce wraps. There’s lots of heat in those condiments which makes for big flavour.

All plates were very good sizes and there was enough on this table that we were both able to leave with leftovers.

Kalbi is located at 396a Elizabeth Street, North Hobart.

Find them on Facebook here – Kalbi Korean.

Call them to make a reservation on (03) 6236 9725

We also enjoyed the Korean Fusion BBQ and Restaurant in Moonah.

We didn’t enjoy Korean on an empty stomach because we’d already been to Fondrue’s just down the road. Read our review here.

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