Holy Guacamole Batman!

Is there anything more fun than south of the border fun?

Nachos, burritos, tacos, chips papas fritas, Corona, margaritas, sangria. It’s a licence to print money party invitations.

On the sisters go north tour, we stopped in at party-central, Holy Guacamole in Launceston, and enjoyed cocktails and good times with Boozy Friday Lunch Friend and Travelling Gal. We had all converged on Launceston for Festivale and were preparing ourselves with an eating and drinking training session. You’d have to call the Emergency Department if you didn’t see locals B and J at Holy Guacamole for Friday lunch. And they were there too. Clearly, everyone who’s anyone has fun times at the big HG.

It’s a relaxed cafe with the main wall covered in a funky mural. Staff are friendly and you order at the counter. There’s modest indoor seating and there’s also courtyard seating where you can do your people watching. It was lovely sitting out in the sun.

They describe themselves as playful, light-hearted and edgy fresh-Mex. The menu of classics invites you to choose your base meal and then load it up with your favourites. There are also snacks, burgers and wraps. There’s not a lot of surprises on the menu but what you see is what you get, and that’s sweet relief. Fun food, good prices and big serves…perfect for lining the stomach for the must-do cocktails.

The menu has ‘share-me’ written all over it so it’s easy to go a little OTT when ordering.

This Girl chose nachos, $9, which comes with cheese, sour cream and your choice of salsa. I added chili con carne, $2 and (holy) guacamole, $2. Ironically, I didn’t share them 😉

BFLF and Traveling Gal ordered the Buffalo Wings to share. They had a massive spicy hit and was the pick of the plates. Finger-licking good. They’re kind friends.

Travelling Gal had the callejero wrap, a fried tortilla with marinated chicken, cheese, lettuce and Holy It’s Hot Salsa, $11.50, which hit the spot. The fried tortilla was reminiscent of a thin roti bread, with flaky layers. It was a satisfying lunch by itself.

I love my chips. Who doesn’t enjoy carbohydrates fried in oil? BFLF ordered the Machacha chilli cheese fries, a big bowl of chips covered in shredded beef with jalapenos, $9.50. If you’re good with soggy chips and gravy you might be able to handle this one. Me not so much. My tip, and you read it here first, make the topping the bottom and cover it with chips. That way you get to enjoy the delicious beef with crispy chips, the way god, and all good foodies everywhere, intended it.

The Bone chose the burrito, which came with refried beans, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, choice of salsa, $9.50, and she added pulled beef for an extra $2.

We enjoyed the elderflower margarita, $8, spiced mojito (spiced rum, fresh lime, lime juice), $13.50 per glass, and the Mexican holy sangria (lemon, lime, ginger, orange juice and red wine), $25 for a jug. BTW, an $8 margarita, or equivalent, is unheard of outside of actual Mexico.

Lunch and drinks were a bargain. Any of the plates would have sufficed for lunch on their own.

If you’re partial to Tex-Mex and/or a cocktail at a very good price, drop in and have some fun.

The sisters go north tour started with the Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory.

It moved on to the Iron Pot Bay Vineyard and it included our first visit to Festivale.

Find HG at 4/16 Quadrant Street, Launceston.

Have a look at their menus on line – Holy Guacamole! or on Facebook.




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