Asian Gourmet on the Pier

There are enough Asian restaurants in Hobart to go around. Why would you choose Asian Gourmet on the Pier?

Boozy Friday Lunch Friend and This Girl visited when they were new and the menu was pan-Asian.

The current owners have refocused the menu on Chinese cuisine and there’s a la carte menu and yum cha (menu not trolley) for lunch. We had Gatecrasher in tow and chose yum cha.

Yum cha is created for sharing and it’s a bit special if you can wrangle it weekday. Yum cha is definitely one good reason to visit.

On matters related to weekdays, there’s nothing worse than needing to get back to work only to be still waiting for the dessert to come out because EVERYTHING took soooo loooooong.

Asian Gourmet on the Pier didn’t muck around. Service was friendly and efficient. We weren’t champing at the bit before the first plate arrived and after that, the arrival of plates was appropriately spaced. The sequencing threw us a little with the Nasi Goreng the first cab off the rank, but you can get that on the big jobs.

If you order a la carte you’ve got a great chance of being in an out in no time if you’re not able to dwell. That’s the second good reason to go.

We had lunch on what might be the last beautiful Friday for the season. Only time with tell. Elizabeth Pier is a terrific place to have lunch in any weather however. It’s full frontal gorgeous in summer watching the sunlight bounce off the water but it’s location, location, location at any time which makes for the third good reason to visit.

Asian Gourmet on the Pier is keeping it fairly safe on the style of food they’re serving, you won’t find anything experimental but you will have a perfectly respectable meal. The final reason to visit is a decent feed of tasty Chinese food and the yum cha was definitely at good prices.

What we ate:

  • Prawn dumplings (3 pieces), $9.90
  • Squid with satay sauce, $9.90
  • Pan-fried pork buns (3 pieces), $8.90
  • Scallion pancake (6 pieces), $8.90
  • Nasi Goreng (pork), $16.90
  • Custard buns (2 pieces), $8.90
  • Mango pancake, $10.90

We drank the Derwent Estate Pinot Gris, $10.50 per glass or $45 per bottle, a delicious rosy drop.

The scallion pancake was perfect for mopping up the satay juices, yum yum cha (Yes I did). Even though it had been pre-prepared, the mango pancake is a delicious dessert we all enjoyed.

In summary – yum cha option, efficient service, location and tasty, affordable Chinese food are all good reasons to visit Asian Gourmet on the Pier.

For more information including a look at their menus on the web – Asian Gourmet on the Pier.

They’re located at 4 Franklin Wharf, Hobart

Last time Gatecrasher gatecrashed – The Italian Pantry.

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