Ettie’s Revisited

Want to feel a little European bistro sophistication that’s not OTT for lunch? Try Ettie’s.

Boozy Friday Lunch Friend and This Girl visited early on in their tenure, around 18  months ago.

We found simple food done well in a great CBD location. We were pleased to find it was just as good on our recent return.

The front of the building is dedicated to the bar. Stop in for coffee and cake, a wine or four, or head to the rear of the establishment for lunch or dinner.

The restaurant’s draw card is the massive atrium skylight. It’s outdoors indoors – you won’t feel like you’re missing out on a lovely day if you’re sitting inside and you’ll get the best of both worlds when the weather isn’t as terrif.

On our recent visit, BBFL and I were seated at the ironing board. Co-owner Carl Winsor’s woodworking skills are better than his dimensional capacity, but not as good as his culinary capacity: a table envisaged for five comfortably seats two.

What we ate:

Chicken liver parfait, crouton, $14

Country terrine, sherry prunes, $16

Minute steak and frites, $19

Pressed lamb shoulder, ratatouille and potato puree, $21.

There’s still only two desserts on this menu – lemon tart and creme caramel – perfectly acceptably and fitting the bistro-theme, but This Girl and BFLF decided to take our calories in the form of a cocktail instead of a sweet treat.

There’s no mistaking that Ettie’s is awesome with classic, understated meals, which are all delicious. Each plate is a juxtaposition – a simple meal with a rich complexity.

For lunch you can select a la carte or try the prix fixe lunch for $25, a main and a choice of a glass of white or red wine and a coffee to finish. For dinner you can choose from many of the same lunch items and more or let them feed you in a series of share plates for $65 per person.

Ettie’s deserves to be on your inner-city, sensible, stylish and smart lunch list.

Bonus! They’re in the Entertainment book.

Here’s our first visit – Ettie’s.

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