It’s a Girl!

I’ve been on the planet a decade or five and I reckon I know a thing or two. The terrific thing about taking things for granted is the surprise of the discovery.

Cuddles the sheep was the friendliness of our most recent sheep herd. I was actively lobbying for a stay on his death sentence. I thought that he would make a great pet, until he got a little frisky and I got a little anxious about getting up front and personal with him in the paddock.

At their final worming, The Lovely Deputy restrained one of the wethers, standing him up on his haunches and revealing to our surprise that unlike the advertising, he was largely intact. A job not well done.

David, our mobile butcher, hung up Cuddles and said, ‘So did you know you had a ram here?’

And so that was why Cuddles was so, umm, cuddly. We learnt not to believe the advertising without a closer inspection.

When Baby was born we patted his lovely little body and called him a bull calf spying what I’d like to euphemistically refer to as his carrot. For the first months, Rosie the mum, was extremely protective and it was hard to get anywhere near Baby.

Over time I gradually wooed Baby, coaxing, feeding treats, patting, loving. The animoolz came up last weekend in search of a slice of bread or 50 and if I really had to, they’d permit me to give them a pat. Watching the herd over the fence, Baby did a wee, but not like he should. The Lovely Deputy, expert on these matters, exclaimed, ‘That’s not right!’

A further, more detailed inspection found teats sans sack.

So I guess we actually have three cows.

Anyone know where we can borrow a Belted Galloway bull for some business activities?

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