Tourist Tips #1-5

Tasmania is so now it’s crazy and there’s so much to do. Even so, I was left scratching my head when old school friends journeyed south to visit.

Ms Go-Getter has visited many times and Ms Go-with-the Flow was a first-timer, so the itinerary had to cover off a few landmarks and provide something a little bit different.

The Two Girls often get emails asking advice on what to do, see and eat. In this series of posts you’ll get a rundown on some recent tourist activities in Hobart and beyond. Here’s the first five.

1. Tasmanian Seafood
You don’t have to pay the earth for quality local seafood. After collecting said visiting school pals, we stopped at the Tasmanian Gourmet Seafood for fish and chips, conveniently located near the airport, and enjoyed tempura Flathead and grilled Gummy shark.

Ms Go-Getter had a slow-burning obsession for scallop pie, two of which she consumed from a Salamanca market stall and more she purchased at the Tasmanian Gourmet Seafood ($7 each) for carrying back to NSW for dinner.

We ate a fancier lunch on our return to the airport at the Barilla Bay Oyster Restaurant – salt and pepper squid, more tempura flathead, chips and salad, and to meet Ms Go-Getter’s other seafood obsession, a warming bowl of seafood chowder, with both white and pink fish, bonus!

2. Kunanyi (Mount Wellington) summit
On a clear day you can see for miles and so it was. It had been snowing the day prior so we got views and a snow-fight. There’s nothing like two people having the same evil thought, same glint in the eye, but only one of them making contact. And for those concerned with access to the mountain, the backup plan was a view from the Springs or a walk in the foothills like the Silver Falls.

3. Breakfast in the Burbs
The top tourist spots are often a must-do but sometimes it’s good to see where the regular folk hang out. When everyone else is headed for Salamanca, try somewhere different for another look at Hobart life. We had an early walk on Kingston Beach and ate a relaxed and tasty brunch at the popular Beachfront 32.

4. Cruising in the Channel
We went for a drive down the Channel where there were so many things to do. Our trip included:

  • Margate train for a bag of Sherbets and a browse in the antique shop.
  • Snug Falls for a nature adventure. It’s a short but beautiful track.

  • Peppermint Bay, Woodbridge for a cold drink.
  • Grandewe Cheesery for cheese and spirits tasting followed by a glass of vino, cheese platter and fancy hotdog, and finished off by giving the MasterCard a thrashing in their shop
  • Nutpatch to admire and sample the chocolates. This Girl discovered their salted caramel bar and the honeycomb slab and I’ve been fighting the urge to return ever since. It will start something I won’t have the strength to stop. I’d like to post a pic but I ate all the chocolate in bed in a midnight feeding frenzy.

  • Woodbridge Smokehouse for samples of cold and hot salmon and trout. This stop was a highlight of the adventure. They were incredibly generous with their fish samples and apples. They use the apple wood to smoke the fish and welcome guests to grab excess fruit. The #Blissfarm cows were very happy as were we, with our fantastic hot smoked trout, our pick of the products on offer.

5. Destination Lunch

We ate lunch at the Glasshouse. I chose the fixed menu lunch, $35 for two courses or $48 for three courses. The gals went a la carte. We decided to start Ms Go-with-the-Flow’s big 5 O birthday celebrations early and drank two bottles of Josef Chromy’s chardonnay to mark the occasion.

I ate their own sourdough doughnut filled with chicken liver parfait and topped with cherry sauce. I followed with the salmon, avocado and seaweed bowl to redeem myself. I then went on to inhale the chocolate chip ice cream sandwich with chocolate fudge and berry compote.

For more information on Kunanyi and bushwalking opportunities – Wellington Park.

Voted best seafood by patrons – Tasmanian Gourmet Seafood.

Our local cafe – Beachfront 32.

See our post on the GlasshouseSnug Falls, Grandewe Sheep Cheesery, Nutpatch, Peppermint Bay.

Delicious hot smoked trout and more at Woodbridge Smokehouse.

Watch out for Tourist Tips #6-10 coming soon!

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