Gastown East

You can enjoy a little bit of Canada at Gastown East, the latest foodie offering on the eastern shore.

What is Canadian food? Kristian Farrow and Sarah Munday spent two years in Canada and tell us Canadian cuisine is similar to Australian in that it is very multicultural and due the country’s size, differs immensely depending on the location. There is amazing seafood in pacific British Columbia, delicious French inspired pasties in Quebec and hearty warming meals in Ontario.

This Girl has visited twice already during their brunch service but they also have a dinner menu with some interesting options like; pork belly, braised cannellini with sherry caramel; salmon gnocchi, sauce vierge with greens and meatballs with tomato sugo.

Before Gastown, my only Canadian food experience was a poutine from a local food truck.

Tip: Poutine is fries covered with cheese curd and gravy. This combination might sound a little weird but it was really good! I’ve since seen poutine made with grated cheese instead of cheese curd but that wasn’t the real deal. The curd is a little like haloumi but less salty and not so squeaky!

Gastown East is located at the base of the Watermark apartment’s building boasting a few seats overlooking the water, a cosy bunch of seating inside where you can see into the kitchen and a few seats along the balcony overlooking the roadside. Blankets are provided on each outdoor chair if you’re a little cool.


Over the two visits This Girl and friends tried:

Cinnamon Fry Bread, or as they are known in Canada; beavertails! They actually do look a little like a beaver’s tail, it’s like a stretched out, crispy-fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar served with maple syrup but you can also choose white chocolate or lemon curd.

Poached eggs on toast with a side of asparagus, lemon, parmesan. The asparagus was amazing, fresh and tangy; and went perfectly with the poached eggs.

Crab and smoked salmon cakes with a fried egg and greens. Crispy outside, soft and full of flavour on the inside with great crab and salmon flavours, these little bites of deliciousness went perfectly with the fried egg and greens.

Of course we had to try the poutine, which was delicious; homemade, chips with their skin on, little bites of cheese curd and a delicious gravy soaking into the chips.

Smoked Raclette cheese omelette with a side of the amazing asparagus! It said smoked on the menu and it delivered on the smoky flavour. The omelette was much thinner than I’d experienced before but it did have a centre of melty cheese; what’s not to love!

When asked why the Eastern Shore, Kristian and Sarah tell me they ‘wanted to give the option to safely leave the car at home or a reasonable taxi fare to a local establishment [on the Eastern Shore]. Gastown East is a spot to unwind after work with your partner over a glass of wine, to celebrate a special occasion dinner with friends or brunch and coffee in the sunshine. The hospitality scene in Tasmania has dramatically improved in the last few years and it’s about time we saw that growth in the 7018 postcode.’

The name Gastown East is inspired by downtown Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood, Gastown, famous for its restaurant scene. It is a national historic site lined with cobblestone roads and a waterfront setting much like the Watermark building, the East is reflective of the proud community on the Eastern Shore


Gastown East takes bookings for 4 or more for brunch and up to 8 people for their dinner sitting.

They are open Wednesday to Saturday from 8am to 9pm and Sunday’s from 8am to 3pm.

Follow them on Facebook and check out their latest menu here.


The Two Girls also recommend Belles for another eastern shore dining option.

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