Tourist Tips #6 – 10

How do you entertain visitors when they come to town?

Maybe you like to plan to the Nth degree or maybe you’re laissez-faire. Here are tips #6-10 from This Girl’s itinerary with the school gal pals.

6. Red Decker Official Sightseeing Tour of Hobart

I’ve travelled my fair share of red decker buses around the globe but I was little surprised to find myself on one in my home town. They are a great way to get your head around a place and they can help you short list where you’d like to further explore. Buy a ticket and then jump on and off at their 20 plus bus stops around the city. The 90-minute ride south to Wrest Point and north to the Botanical Gardens was a relaxed way to spend the morning. Tickets are $35 for 24 hour access and are available at Brooke Street pier. Upsize to include a specified tour like the Cascade Brewery or a 48 hour trip.

7. Local Pleasures

My cow jumps over the fence, in the Cat and Fiddle Arcade, the cow jumps over the moon. Every hour on the hour. I never find myself there during the working day but on holidays it seemed like a Hobart thing to do. I was surprised by how many people stopped and waited for the event.

8. Myer Opening

Okay it’s not something you can schedule but we stumbled in to the opening of the new Myer wing with complimentary gin and tonics and beers. And yes we bought more than we probably should. Serendipitous events are worth hunting out for the visitor.

9. Kitchen Party

You know a terrific group of friends are the ones you can sing and dance with in the kitchen or most rooms of the house. It’s innocent and trusting fun and the stuff memories are made of. Everyone can play deejay with Spotify or you can let your Lovely Deputy-equivalent do the work and play requests. The lesson here is don’t fill your itinerary with seeing when you can spend some time ‘being’.

10. Salamanca Markets

No brainer. True confessions – I avoid it like the plague. Mostly because I find it hard to restrain myself from yelling at innocent people to ‘hurry up!!’ I kept it together and enjoyed watching Ms Go-with-the-Flow discover new additions to her jewellery box. I had a delicious Indian dosa and lentils for breakfast and Ms Go-with-the-Flow also took in a foot massage and some kind of reading. She’s spiritual like that. That’s the markets, there’s something for everyone.

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