Pancho Villa Revisited

You know the feeling of awe as your eyes slowly adjust to the light of flickering candles and muted colours of stainglass windows when you enter a centuries-old church?

Pancho Villa is EXACTLY like that except more Margarita, mother of God and worship at the altar of guacamole.

Heading towards its third year in operation, Pancho Villa remains one of the most inspired interior designs in Hobart’s restaurant and bar scene.

It’s dark and sombre countenance is in sharp juxtaposition to its spirit of fun food, drinks and service.

The drink del dia, is a cocktail of tequila or techwheeler as it’s known in This Girl’s house. On our visit the drink of the day was a Tommy’s margarita for $12.50 – a sharp contrast with the special cocktails from the regular menu which is on a cruising speed of around $22+ a pop.

Tip: A Tommy’s exchanges Triple Sec or Cointreau of a regular margarita for agave nectar.

What we ate:

  • Guacamole served with house tortilla chips, $16
  • Baja fish tacos, $15, two tacos with red mojo aioli, slaw and salsa verde.
  • Guajillo fried chicken, $16, two tacos with peppered labneh, baby cos, pico de gallo.
  • Chorizo potatoes, $14, Spanish chorizo, crispy potatoes and chive crema.
  • Warm chocolate fondant, $15, served with spiced rum ice cream, macerated raisins and lemon balm.

We choose our dishes from the antojitos/street eats, taqueria/tacos and platos pequenos/sides sections. The menu also includes entradas/small plates like smoked salmon tostada and pork belly quesadilla, and grandes platos/larger plates like hunkin’ pieces of meat or a large plate of vegetarian paella.

Regardless of where you select from, the menu is designed to share and it’s relaxed food, a terrific accompaniment for a drink or four.

I’m not a blow-my-head off eater but I enjoy some heat. Our meals didn’t pack a spicy punch like I remembered from previous sessions at the establishment. For those of you looking for a little somethin’ somethin’, consider adding some of the hot sauce options.

Our selections were definitely enough food for the two of us. This Girl is used to being the only one to order dessert only to have to share it. I now advise the table attendant to bring a second spoon, but make it a little one. I shouldn’t have been so hasty this time. The dessert was huge and more than appropriate for sharing.

We loved our Tommy’s and also enjoyed a couple of wines by the glass.

The service was also terrific, responsive and attentive.

Pancho Villa is a great place for one person or a group where you can scale up or down the drinks and food option as your budget and time allows.

Find Pancho Villa on the corner of Elizabeth and Pitt Streets, North Hobart. At the time of writing they were open seven days from 5.50 pm until late.

Where it all began – Pancho Villa NoHo

They’re in the Entertainment Book this year!

Here’s their website – Pancho Villa


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