A Four Nation Menu – Pump Street

Westend Pumphouse is constantly reinventing itself. It’s a spacious, popular watering hole, but it’s the changes to the menu that are worth chasing.

We raved when they were into yum cha and there was this deconstructed rocky road dessert once, OMG.

Casually checking out menus one day I found a new multi-cultural approach.

A crew from work trotted up to Murray Street one Friday lunch time recently and explored their menu from four nations.

There’s three or four dishes from Nepal, Mexico, Slovakia and Australia and most plates are under $20. The exceptions are the fish and chips which comes with mushy peas for $26 and the steak, eggs and chips, which reminds me of the British movie Shirley Valentine, but who cares about its origins, it’s $26 too.

This Girl checked in with Madeline from the Pumphouse who told me that the menu acknowledges the nationalities of the team past and present, staff who have had a big impact on the place. Currently the kitchen is headed up by chef, Buddhi.

“Buddhi whose Nepalese heritage has contributed to some of the most delicious items on the menu (the chatamari, momo, and maas ko bara).

“Matt is from Slovakia and Klaa had a thing for Mexican and Aussie food. They’re no longer at the Pumphouse but their legacy lives through our menu,” Madeline said.

Other noteworthy listings – a wallaby burger with beetroot, apple slaw and aioli, $16 and a little something This Girl has not come across before, Langos, fried bread, garlic and caramelised onion, $10. Sounds like comfort food.

Madeline told us that the wallaby burger is one of her favourites on the menu.

Wallaby is a sustainable, local food source but there are meat eaters out there who’d rather see their marsupials in the bush than on the plate. Madeline tells us that some guests still find it confronting. Not This Girl. They recently took over #Blissfarm drastically reducing the pasture for our cows. If I could eat enough to keep the population down I’d do it.

“Overall our Pumphouse guests enjoy a good feed. The chatamari goes off – everyone loves it,” she said.

The menu includes a range of sides like Mexican corn, spiced potato salad and greens, all $8. There’s also desserts with a little something special on each dish. The traditional Aussie pav is served with berries and passionfruit sorbet. The brownie comes with mulberry syrup and popping candy. The churros is served with white chocolate and raspberry sugar.

What we ate:

  • the wallaby burger
  • maas ko bara, $14, lentil and masala patties topped with herb yoghurt
  • chatamari, $18, rice flour pancake topped with goat, tomato and pickled vegetables, $18
  • lamb tacos, $6 each. Alternatively, you can choose wallaby or mushroom
  • burrito bowl, $18, black rice, beans, corn, guacamole, chipotle mayo.
  • oh, and the pavlova, what can I say, I love meringue.

I chose the chatamari because the rice flour pancake and goat are not ingredients I get to eat often. It was served in a cast iron pan, with crispy edges and a gentle warmth (If you’re reading this Pumphouse you can go a bit harder with those spices). I really liked that the menu reached into a number of cuisines in one location and there were other dishes that piqued my curiosity for a return visit. I also appreciate that you don’t have to pay over $20 for a restaurant-style lunch and go can keep the costs down for example with two tacos for $12.

Verdict – delicious, flavorous, big meals, enjoyed by everyone at the table.

We’ve noted the benefits of the space in past posts. Madeline highlighted the same things and they’re worth repeating.

“The atmosphere suits everyone – business meetings can find little quiet spaces, yoga friends can meet for a cup of tea after class across the road and parents can bring their kids in to run around, play with the building blocks and enjoy some space.

“The big warehouse provides space for engagements, birthdays and other functions and we have a separate platter menu for them!” Madeline said.

“Friday nights are popular for knock off beers with mates and come Saturday morning Buddhi makes a mean bacon and egg roll

“The Pumphouse is an establishment – the team here are like a family and our customers are like old friends. We just really enjoy our work, the food and the Pumphouse and providing unpretentious genuine service,” she said.

We do too!

We pre-ordered and service was very accommodating.

I think they’ve done it again. Thumbs up from This Girl.

You can find our older posts from Westend Pumphouse on the blog but they’ve moved on and so have we, try their new menu.

For opening hours and to have a look at the menu – Westend Pumphouse

Find them at 105 Murray Street, Hobart.

For another hot spot in the vicinity try Etties.



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