Ruckus Fried Chicken

There’s fried chicken and then there is Ruckus Fried Chicken!

Tired of not having any fried chicken places in Hobart Jonathan Kincaid, his partner Brianna Clancy and his brother Keith Kenny brought Ruckus to life in August 2017 to fill the void.

The Two Girls had heard some good things about Ruckus for some time before finally getting to try them ourselves. This Girl’s walking buddy’s son is coeliac and because they coat the chicken in cornflour, it’s gluten free and has become a favourite take away option for him.

Jonathan, the man behind the food tells us this was a happy accident, cornflour coating stays crispier for longer and travels better, working perfectly for their take away orders! ‘It’s nice when we see coeliacs get excited when they can eat here, I wouldn’t call us a gluten free shop or restaurant, but when most of the menu is gluten free, we are definitely gluten free friendly’ he said.

Their shop is a tiny hole in the wall type place with a few small tables for those wanting to eat in.

The first thing we noticed about Ruckus is that they do a roaring take away trade, they were crazy busy the whole time we were there. Our one tip is don’t go in hungry, this isn’t fast food, you choose the cuts of chicken and coating you want and the team get onto preparing your food fresh to order. Expect to wait at least 20 minutes but sometimes longer depending on the amount of orders they have on the go.

What we ate:

Boneless chicken in maple coating; beautifully juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, there was some sweetness from the maple syrup coating but was beautifully complimented by their hot sauce.

Cauliflower fritters with herb coating, these reminded This Girl of a cauliflower version of bubble and squeak and were delicious with the coleslaw side.

We also ordered a side of fries and aoli sauce and really enjoyed the refreshing flavour of their cumquat and kaffir lime house made sodas.

The Ruckus team take sourcing their produce seriously, they spent a lot of time sourcing the most ethical chicken they could in Tasmania, even visiting the farm in Sassafras to take a look at the set up themselves before choosing Nichols ethical chicken. They try and source as much as possible from local markets and make everything in house. They are licenced serving exclusively natural wine, are obsessed with craft beers and make their own sodas. They’re pretty down to earth about how impressive they are however ‘ultimately we are just a chicken shop in New Town and we like to stay pretty chilled about it’ says Jonathan.

Jonathan is the man behind the food at Ruckus, he is a chef that started in hospitality when he was 17 working at places such as Marti Zuccos and Cugini before moving onto an apprenticeship and has worked at Ethos, Aloft, Hope and Anchor and Etties. Brianna looks after front of house and has also worked at Ethos and Aloft but most recently Dier Makr. Keith who’s an office man is behind the scene and oversees the cogs of the shop!

Checkout their menu online but also keep an eye on their Facebook page for their weekly special selection burgers, salads and side options.

Ruckus are at located outside Coles at New Town Plaza, Shop 1, 1 Risdon Road, New Town.

They are open 6 days a week: 12 noon to 8pm Sunday and Tuesday and 12 noon to 9pm Wednesday to Saturday.

Call them on 6278 2574 or order online




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