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Wondering where the vegetarian restaurants are in Hobart? Have a vego friend who’s sick of only eating risotto because that’s the only veg-option on menus? Or are you a bit like This Girl, meat-eater but vegetarian-food lover, and always keen to find a range of vego options.

Vegetarian restaurants are hard to come by but there is a small but steady, vegetarian cafe market in Hobart.

Honey Brown is coming up to its first year in SoHo. It’s 100% vegetarian (and about 50% vegan). There’s plenty of gluten-free options too.

Hot Mama has moved to Battery Point and it’s hard to dislodge her from the village when everything is a hop, skip and jump to a little cafe and a great coffee. But one of her fav haunts was closed the Saturday morning I suggested we catch up and I was quick to recommend an alternative.

Duncan Oliver is the head chef at Honey Brown, prior to that he was a senior chef at Ginger Brown, the big sister cafe just down the road, Evie from Honey Brown told us.

“We serve breakfast and lunch plus sweet treats (mostly vegan and gluten-free), juices and smoothies and OF COURSE COFFEE,” she said.

For a time we visited Ginger Brown a lot, a change in lifestyle meant we weren’t traveling that direction as often, but I’ve always remembered good coffee, and it’s a stand out at Honey Brown too. Like Ginger Brown, Honey also puts a little Jaffa on the spoon to eat with your coffee. I’ve always liked that.

“Our approach is fresh and delicious – you don’t have to be a veggie to enjoy Honey Brown, many of our regulars just love a plant-based, healthy, delicious fix,” Evie said.

The Honey Brown menu moves seamlessly from breakfast to lunch options. You might prefer your granola in the morning and your burgers a bit later, but pretty much everything else would suit any hour.

After a blog-tussle – that’s the one where the blogger waits for their companion to decide then picks something different so we get to try more than one dish and then the companion┬áchanges their mind as the order is being taken (‘No! You can’t have that!) – I went for the breakfast special.

It was a breakfast empanada, $18, refried bean, three cheeses, potato, corn empanada with scrambled egg, sour cream, tomatillo sauce, herb and pickled chilli salad, and it was absolutely delicious. The pastry was light and crisp and filled with a creamy, savoury mix. The addition of the egg made it feel a bit more brekkie than lunch which I liked. Most of all, it felt like a treat. A lovely baked goodie with all those South American flavours for breakfast. Take a look at their Facebook page to get the low down on some of the awesome specials they create.

Hot Mama was glad I reminded her that she actually wanted the baked eggs, $17, 62 degrees, slow-cooked eggs, creamed leek and kale, parmesan, pinenuts, toasted ciabatta, which was another terrific meal. I’m not usually a fan of the slow-cooked egg, but until I┬áchecked the menu for this write up, I didn’t realise they were. I usually find them too…watery. Ick. However, in this example, they worked a treat, baked with cream and cheese. Yum. Ooooh, and buttery leeks are like velvet. More yum. Kale gave a great colour and texture contrast and the grilled ciabatta was ripe for soaking up all that goodness.

The staff were attentive and personable and the space is welcoming and attractive.

Honey Brown is a great cafe. This Girl can’t wait to go back.

Find Honey Brown at 4 Cascades Road, South Hobart. At the time of writing they were open 9am – 4pm Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9am – 3pm Sundays and closed Mondays. Check out their Facebook page to confirm – Honey Brown Cafe.

It’s been ages but here’s our post when The Two Girls both visited Ginger Brown.

Another place we enjoyed in SoHo – La Provencal.



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