Boodle Beasley

I’m thinking that it’s bar snacks not bao that are the new, new thing.

Lovely Cathy suggested we try Boodle Beasley in NoHo. Say what?!?

When did that happen? They sort of snuck a fancy bar into NoHo with a snacks menu and not a lot of hoo-ha a few months back.

First things first. What was a ‘boodle beasley’? I gave the bar staff the third degree.

“The owners have told me about six different stories,” he said.

“Well which story do you like the best?” I asked.

“Well apparently,” he leaned in conspiratorially, ‘Boodle was the name of the ghost at one of their other businesses, Preachers.”

Ghost? Not usually inclined towards the paranormal, it piqued my curiosity, Preachers is housed in an old colonial cottage.

“Beasley was a name on one of the burial stones found at another one of the owner’s businesses, Last Rites,” he finished.


I’ll pay that story. I would have also been content with the explanation that it was the name of the owner’s pet dog.

A million years ago give or take, the venue was the location of a fantastic restaurant called Atlas.

It’s been pretty much dead to me since. Now it’s a very groovy watering hole with very hipster furnishings and a serious contribution of prime real estate dedicated to a beer garden. God Bless those Last Rites boys. As per the layout at Preachers, they understand the importance of the natural environment* to enjoying a drink. (*Includes Astroturf).

Seriously, it’s a massive contribution to NoHo’s drinking scene whose outdoor areas are generally limited to concrete and/or the footpath. Boodle Beasley has grass and foliage and relaxed bar seating in a large outdoor space. There’s obvio plenty of beer on tap, wines by the glass or bottle, and they’re not afraid of a cocktail.

Back to bao, it’s a feature on the menu which also includes snacks, bits and bobs, fries, hotdogs and fresh salads. The hotdogs include a deep-fried tofu option. There are two salads – a green and a slaw-ish option, $8 each and you can add the protein from their bao list for an extra $6, crispy pork belly, pulled chicken or the tofu. Boodle bits and bobs include sweet and sour fried chicken wings (5 pieces for $11) or crumbed mozzarella sticks (5 for $12).

The Lovely Cathy enjoyed a glass of sparkling and went for the BB platter, $20 which included a small pot of chicken parfait, smoked ham, Tasmanian vintage cheddar, large pieces of pickled vegetables, chutney and grilled sourdough; and a big bowl of fries with aioli, $6. They were good options for grazing while we planned our next overseas trip.

I love the BB vibe. It’s a very comfy and relaxed place to have a cold one or two and I’d been keen to try some of the other snacks to go with a drink or four.

Find them at 315 Elizabeth Street Hobart.

They’re on Facebook where you can also find their menu – @boodlebeasley

Drinking and snacking? Try the Den too.

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