And an easier holiday season to all

Christmas love it or hate it, it’s hard to avoid.

The Lovely Deputy’s advice last year is still seared on my brain: If you don’t make an effort to enjoy the holiday season, it’s just another weekend and you’re a year older.

I’m on board with doing something special, barely halfway there I’m already noticing some erratic behaviours, and I’m not just referring to mine.

Replace ‘goodwill to all peeps’ with ‘short fuses and sense of entitlement’. How uncharitable of me? Well I almost got run over by a car. In an empty car park.

Here’s five thoughts on making the holiday season easier on everyone but mostly on yourself.

1. Go the easy option
This year I’m putting my Gantt chart aside. Our festive season meal is three courses: a simple starter with no cooking; a main of ham, green salad, roast potatoes and a piccalilli I made last weekend; and a dessert that requires assembling component parts. I even bought the lemon curd. I don’t even know myself.

The second piece of Christmas wisdom courtesy of LD, don’t go to a massive effort with lots of cooking….and lots of cleaning up. Touche.

2. Be kind
If you’re massively focused on what you have to do, you may not be paying much attention to your surroundings. Don’t forget to share the space with the peeps around you with grace and respect.

3. Put away your credit card
You don’t need it. Really you don’t. Avoid descending into the hell of overspending for the sake of Christmas. Overspending won’t make you enjoy your day more but it will make January harder.

4. Slow down
You don’t need to have an accident. Breathe and take your time. Leave earlier. Walk slower. Stop for a coffee. Take some time for yourself.

5. Let it go
If you’re running out of time and you’re freaking out – cut your losses and make your life easier. Accept you can’t do it all and your mental health is more important. This is supposed to be fun.

Go the easy option. And there we complete the circle.

Keep safe and well and have fun this holiday season. Because remember, next year you’re a year older.

Last year’s festive season post – Getting into the spirit of Christmas.

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