Chicken, Duck, Goose

Every week I reach for my trusty iPhone to organise the dispersal of excess eggs. Twelve chickens to a family of three can’t be resolved by cake alone. Although I try.

Jemima and Drake joined #Blissfarm and that ratcheted the egg glut up a notch.

Eyeballing those super-sized quacker eggs and the state of the fridge, I decided we’d eat a Mexican tortilla-thing with spicy beef leftover, cheese, pico de gallo, hot sauce and of course, fried duck eggs. That was brunch and it was delicious.

I still had a ways to go so I choose a delightful duck sponge recipe that called for four duck eggs and the same quantity of the weight of the eggs in their shells of self-raising flour, sugar and butter. How enchanting?

In the intervening hours of Saturday afternoon, The Lovely Deputy turned up with geese. To be precise, two geese and a gander. Two fears came to a head, serrated grass-eating tongues with a watch dog demeanour and more eggs, that were even bigger. I wasn’t sure how big but I had images of giant, emu-sized eggs crashing to the floor from the overflowing fridge every time the door was opened.

Jaq, Tamara and Tim arrived and I was in love. After the first bread knife slice from Jaq, I stroked the slender neck of Tamara, a gentle fowl, and remembered that each creature had their own temperament. Tim and Jaq were nonplussed and took to the depths of their enclosure. Tamara enjoyed a pat, clearly having a deeper understanding of the world and how to survive in it.

P.s they’re named after the breeder’s family.

They goose-ninjered their way around their new home with one goose always on guard surveying their surrounds. They are delightful to watch and I’m so pleased they’ve come to live with us.

Happy days! They mate for life and the 20 or so eggs they lay each year, are laid in clutches.

I will be researching goose and goose egg recipes for future reference however.

Here’s the recipe for duck egg Victoria sponge. I’m sure it would be fine with chicken eggs but you might need to add a little more milk.

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