Hobart’s Best Lunch Set Menu

It’s a big call but I’m going to make it. The Black Footed Pig (aka BFP) is one of Hobart’s hidden dining wonders and it’s got what I declared on Friday as Hobart’s best lunch set menu.

This elegant European bistro has an a la carte menu with tapas in the $20 mark and raciones in the mid-$30s. For lunch you can enjoy a tapas and raciones option for $39 or add a dessert for $49.

Where o where can you get a three course meal of the BFP quality, for less than fifty bucks? They’ll also give you up to 25 per cent off the bill with the Entertainment card discount.

I shortlisted options for Boozy Friday Lunch Friend. It’s February and time’s ticking on my Entertainment card, he elected quality. Of course.

To start with we chose the pan con tomate with jamon and the sumac roasted quail with corn and chorizo salsa. The third option on our lunch menu was oysters natural or with the house dressing.

For main or ‘raciones’ we chose the pork belly with pumpkin puree, red cabbage and tendrils of asparagus and the vegetable paella with garlic sauce. The third option was a market fish.

The two dessert on the menu were lemon curd, toasted meringue, coconut streusel and white chocolate sorbet, and a spiced honey parfait with butterscotch caramel, walnut crumble and honeycomb.

We enjoyed the Gala Rose to go with and BFLF tried their mojito which he declared as ‘awesome’ or similar, as it didn’t suffer the cloying sweetness of most of its contemporaries. I took a slurp. It was true.

Back to the food. Gooood. The bruschetta-style tapas with super-fresh tomatoes, crisp-salty meat and sweet balsamic was an uncomplicated start to our food adventure. The quail was a stand out – delicately cooked, deliciously coated and the salsa was the bomb, roasted and fried, hearty and sweet. The BFP hallmark was established – big colour, flavour and texture, all on one plate. They do beautifully balanced meals in spades.

Similarly, the pork belly was so gorgeously vibrant and a delight to eat, not too fatty as the belly often is, hooray, and a lovely crispy shell. The vegetable paella was a saffron infused feast, impossible to finish and also enjoy dessert, a great option that would have been lifted with a little more seasoning on this occasion.

The Daci and Daci crew know how to make a dessert and they were lovely. My spiritual food is the meringue and the sweetness of the Italian version was offset by the curd and fruit. Then there was lovely little crumbly bits and the cool sorbet. As much as I loved the meringue, it would be unfair to undersell the parfait which was almost equally delicious. I did hoover up the lovely warm caramel and walnuts, a great option for less-sweet, sweet-eaters.

I was a little taken aback by how quiet the restaurant was for a Friday lunch and recommend a set menu there asap.

Here’s our previous post – The Black Footed Pig.

Have a look at their menu and book on line here.

Find them at 8 Brooke Street, Hobart.




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