Giddy Up Foodstore

I’ve never been very horsey. Neither is Giddy Up Foodstore. Although it’s not inconceivable that you might see a jodhpur-wearing patron in the otherwise well-healed suburb.

Once a butcher’s, then a newsagent, a suburban café has followed and you should giddy up down there ASAP because it’s delicious. I have been known to declare I NEVER go to Sandy Bay. It’s less class-action and more that my diversions take me to other suburbs. Giddy Up is good reason to go if Sandy Bay is not part of your regular stomping ground. Here’s why.

Chips for breakfast. Two types – hand cut potato chips and haloumi fries. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. A burger is as good an option at breakfast than any time. The Giddy Up breakfast burger might just be the best ever. Not because it’s alternative name could be ‘Breakfast with chips two-ways’ but because it contains some of the most critical elements of a delicious breakfast meal.

For $19 I enjoyed bacon, fried egg, crispy haloumi, spinach, avocado and chilli plum jam in a brioche roll with hand cut chips. Super tasty and super decadent. Not an every day breakfast for sure but a terrific tasty treat that I thoroughly enjoyed.

A group of four former colleagues that worked together ten years ago or so still enjoy each other’s company enough to share an occasional breakfast, the timing of which is defined by busy lifestyles only.

We were all enthused by the menu and there was the necessary blogger-negotiation required to ensure no double ups so this is what we ate:

  • Almond granola, $17, with coconut yoghurt, orange curd, fresh orange and black tahini
  • Chilli jam eggs, $18, poached eggs on sourdough with avocado, haloumi fries and chilli plum jam
  • Mexi eggs, $19, fried eggs on sourdough, avocado, fresh corn and jalapeno salsa, smoky sour cream, lime and coriander.

At the time of writing, a breakfast plate came in under 20 bucks. Happy days.

The breakfast menu is fairly typical of what’s on offer around the traps. At Giddy Up it’s well executed, they don’t scrimp on the servings (note lashings of avocado) and the addition of a couple of less run-of-the mill ingredients lift the bar a smidge like that yummy chilli plum jam and the black tahini. Let’s face it. If you make muesli look and taste stunning you’re doing something right.

It’s a good venue in a busy street. Parking might be a drag so factor that in. There’s an area with seating on the street frontage or you can continue out to the enclosed courtyard area with bench seating.

In addition to menu items there’s a display of smaller bites – cakes, biscuits and savouries. The lunch menu revolves around burgers and the nourish bowl concept and there’s tapas and drinks on Friday nights. This sounds intriguing so I’m looking forward to a return visit.

Just prior to posting Giddy Up told us that many of the items we ate were no longer on the menu and were unable to provide us with an updated menu before publication. Looks like you might not be able to enjoy that breakfast with chips two-ways but we’re optimistic about new options that are now available.

Find Giddy Up Foodstore at 50 Princes Street Sandy Bay.

Find them on Facebook here.

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