Lizzie and Lefroy

349 Elizabeth Street has had a facelift. After a serious refurb, North Hobart’s fish and chips stalwart has been given a new life.

Looking around the chic grey interior, it’s clear a more adult demographic is loving the change of pace. I’m sure there are families lamenting the end of the quick and tasty eatery that catered for all age groups and even non-fish eaters. Meals appeared so fast at Fish 349 it made my head spin. I did enjoy a fast meal there before catching a film up the road at the State though.

I also get the feeling I’m going to enjoy the makeover.

This Girl is super impressed by a restaurateur who can run an on all accounts, successful business for 15 years, then have the gumption to try something new.

The menu is modern Australian, share plates or not, you choose.

This selection was a light meal and incredibly satisfying. I SOooo have pastry envy. I wish I could deliver a light, crisp and consistent pastry. Full marks for the tart cases. Their contents were wonderful too. The tofu was pureed so if you’re not a tofu fan don’t be put off because its role was to make the pumpkin extra creamy. The seeds were a great addition providing a crunchy contrast.

The lamb pies were the bomb, great colours and tastes together.

The Kingfish bacon is a smoked fish hence the reference to bacon. It’s a different and delicious addition and it’s the time of the year to eat new Brussel sprouts. It was a great side.

I am a big fan of the baked cheese cake, which may come as a surprise given what a massive sweet eater I am. They tend to be more creamy and less cloying. This was the case with this slice which was not overwhelmingly sweet or chocolatey. Its lovely accompaniments made sure it was dolled up for a night out and gave the dish a little more dimension.

We really only dipped our toes into this menu which looks to have a great deal more to offer.

If you know Fish 349, you know the space. It’s more open now with the glass dividing wall and bar gone. It does have a lovely lounge area in the front window and a double-sided wood heater. The bar curves around the kitchen and has insert of coloured Perspex which is reminiscent of a keyboard. Maybe that’s just me. It looked to be a work in progress at the time of our visit, which may mean some more embellishments in the large eating space maybe coming. It feels like it’s holding back its personality a bit just now. It will be great when Lizzy and Lefroy really lets it shine.

At the time of writing they were open 7 days, 12 noon until 11 pm.

Find them on Facebook here – Lizzie and Lefroy

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