Senses Plus

Tucked into little space on Liverpool Street is the Japanese bakery Senses Plus.

The bakery is beautifully fitted out. Its simple design uses light timber in its beautiful cabinetry which is filled with their range of bread bun treats, cookies and some of the most beautiful cakes and cupcakes you will see in the centre of Hobart.

The Senses Plus team tell us they originally came to Tasmania to study before deciding to live in our beautiful city. One thing they missed though was delicate Japanese breads. They decided to invite a research and development team from Taiwan to Tasmania to develop recipes for them, using local Tasmanian produce.

This girl loves the soft fluffy texture of Japanese breads and the sweetness of the dough, which works well in both sweet and savoury breads.

You’ll find savoury options such as: BBQ chicken; cheese sausage (This Girl’s guilty pleasure); grilled tuna; and tempura prawn. Sweet options include: piano keyboard (coconut flavour); devil’s tear (cream cheese); Toroto (chocolate cream); strawberry magic want; and chocolate European soft bun.

There are more traditional Japanese baked goods such as green tea, red bean and pork floss. And you’ll also find a selection of Asian drinks and other food options such as sandwiches and salads.

Senses Plus provide trays,tongs and baskets to use when you are making your own selections from the cabinets. Take your selection to the cashier who will pack your goodies up. There are a couple of high tables and stools if you choose to eat in.

Senses Plus also have a selection of beautiful cakes and cupcakes to choose from. Flavours vary daily but expect to find some flavours traditional to everyone! Chocolate, strawberry,vanilla, black sesame, match, durian, rose and mango.

If you’re after one of their impressive custom-made cakes you can order them in the shop or via their cake order page. You’ll get to choose the design, the cake flavour, size, buttercream flavour and colour. You’ll need to give the at least 24 hours-notice. Check out their selection of designs here.

Senses Plus has been open in Hobart since 2018 and updated their Facebook page regularly with their tempting goodies. Most of their packaging is recyclable, however for the packaging that isn’t they are currently investigating alternative options.


Some photos courtesy of Senses Plus.

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