Mirmire Nepali Taste

At sunrise, the world is full of hope. Each new day brings new opportunities and experiences.

Mirmire is Nepalese for sunrise and its name suggests a delightful optimism that’s worth being a part of.

Nepalese cuisine shares similarities with the countries that share its borders like China, India, Tibet.

Lentils, rice, curries, noodles, soups, roti and fermented condiments feature. You might think you’ve seen it all before.

Like its neighbours, Nepalese cuisine draws from a rich diversity of cultural groups who make Nepal their home. And like its neighbours, they use their own unique combination of spices like Szechwan pepper, fenugreek, turmeric, cumin, coriander, asafoetida, and green chillies and that’s what sets Nepalese food apart.

One of the most popular and tasty dishes is the Nepalese dumpling called the Mo mo. As you’d expect, they come steamed or fried but most importantly, they come with the most delicious sauce called momo achar. Momo achar packs a punch. It’s loaded of chilli, garlic and ginger and flavoured with sesame and cumin seeds, coriander and turmeric. It’s served as a side or you can enjoy the dumplings cooked in the sauce.

This is what The Lovely Cathy and I ate:

  • Johl mo mo chicken, $12, steamed chicken dumplings served with special sauce
  • Lamb curry, $18, diced lamb cooked in Nepali style with tomato, onion, herbs and spices
  • Chukauni, $5, spicy potato yogurt
  • Gundruk Sandheko, $5, dried fermented mustard leaf seasoned with spices and herbs.
  • Jeera rice, $4, plain fried with cumin
  • Garlic roti, $4

The mo mos are a generous serve and the johl comes with a super spicy tomato and capsicum sauce. The rice fried with cumin was a great alternative to the usual steamed rice.

We chose a medium hot lamb curry which had the occasional bite of chilli and overall was tasty but on the milder side. If you like things hot don’t be afraid to ask. We ordered the two sides to try a couple of new dishes. The gundruk sandheko was quite mild and like adding a dusting of dried herbs to the dish. The potatoes were a good addition with red onions and yellowed with tumeric.

Overall it was an enjoyable meal at a very popular establishment.

Mirmire is located at 186 Collins St, Hobart.

To make a reservation call on (03) 6234 9100 or via their website (where you can view the menu – Mirmire

At the time of writing they were open weekdays 11 am until 9 pm and weekends 5 pm until 9 pm.

They are licensed and BYO.


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