Who Are The Two Girls About Town?

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On any given working day, you’ll find us chained to our desktop, telephone glued to ear: bringing order, glamour and cake to the unsuspecting public service.
We love our lives in Hobart. And we love its two-degrees of separation …hmmm…maybe that’s a bit generous?
We are total foodies and rock-stars in our own kitchen universe.  We eat out.  We eat in. We talk A LOT about food.
In between our obsessive food rants, we also love enjoying all the things, big and small, that Hobart has to offer.

You may run into us at our favourite place to plan and write our blog Basket and Green, Yorick (pictured below) always entertaining, always there to provide us further inspiration for our blog, always there with, a bottle of bubbles and two glasses!  Thank you Yorick!  And thank you to Gabrielle the glamorous owner of B and G, we love having B and G as one of our haunts!

And we’ve plenty of opinions and observations to share about living and loving in Hobart, in our beautiful state of Tasmania.

Movie-going; eating out; getting up to all sorts of fun; commentary on the bloke that shat Skye at Hill St the other day: you’ll find it all here at Two Girls About Town.
If you like living and loving in Hobart or you like food or you want a little tip for how to spruce up your day job, this is the blog for you.
Hey! Why don’t you share your own fun Hobart life and loves with us too!
Ange and Skye xxxx

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